A geoexchange system uses the earth or a water source for a heat sink to extract heat from (heating season) or waste heat into (cooling season) by the use of a heat pump. Using this source for heating and cooling in a residence or commercial building allows for a much lower operating cost. The only bill paid is for the small amount of power used to run a compressor and fan. No longer is fuel required or expensive electric heat. Currently geothermal systems are the most cost efficient in terms of payback when planning a new structure or during a major renovation. In addition the initial capital cost can be combined with typical new mortgage to lower the monthly costs.

Geothermal Advantages

  • Yearly Cooling and Heating
  • Reduced Electricity Usage
  • No burning of Fossil Fuels
  • No Fuels needed
  • Reliable and relatively maintenance free
  • No pollutants to the environment

New England Solar & Green Solutions has accredited installers that will work with you to retro fit your home with a geothermal system or incorporate it in new construction. Take full advantage of this naturally occurring renewable energy source.