Solar Maintenance

Installers go out of business, leave town, or reference fine print when issues occur. When they won’t return phone calls or emails, we will. New England Solar + Green offers a variety of service options from annual monitoring and inspections to equipment replacement or array expansion.

All our solar array installations come with a standard 10 year workmanship warranty and a 25 year solar equipment manufacturers warranty, but we can’t be everyone’s installer. Find yourself with an under performing array? Or worse, your solar array isn’t producing any power and equipment has failed? Poor install quality and the lack of knowledgeable system maintainers will be an industry wide problem in the immediate future. We are here and we can help.

Annual Monitoring and Diagnostics – $150

Microinverter Replacement – Starting at $125 base, $25 ea. (per site visit)

Annual System Maintenance – Starting at $325

  • Remote monitoring
  • Annual visual inspection and walkthrough
  • Replacement of failed equipment
  • Contact us for more information

System Troubleshooting – Time + Material

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