Solar Thermal

Solar Hot Water


Compared to photovoltaics, solar hot water (SHW) collectors are more than three times as efficient at producing energy from the sun. Solar thermal or solar hot water systems use generated heat through sunlight to produce hot water for use. This is an alternative way of producing hot water for its intended purpose. Solar thermal systems typically contain a solar thermal collector and a system to move the heated water to its point of use.

The hot water generated by a solar thermal system can be used in a variety of installations Including residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The hot water can be used for domestic hot water, radiant floor heating, thermal storage type heating installations, heating swimming pools, etc. Solar hot water is a viable option for most homeowners. Don’t let other companies fool you. There is no perfect cookie cutter installation. Each site and customer has a unique set of demands. New England Solar & Green Solutions will work with you to meet these constraints and maximize site potential. Our well designed systems can provide you with a significant amount of your domestic hot water needs if not all.

Immediate Monthly Savings

A solar thermal system that produces hot water for your home or business will show immediate savings after its install. The more you can take advantage of this alternative hot water source the greater the savings.


The modules themselves can continue to perform for decades and are backed with various warranty periods.

Value Adder

Not only can your decision to go solar be an environmentally satisfying decision, it has economic benefits.  Solar is increasingly desirable and it adds to the value of your home.