About Us

Our Start

NES+G or New England Solar and Green Inc. evolved from Guntlow & Associates, Inc. where for almost 30 years we have been providing engineering and design services in the building industry.

G&A was established in 1989 by Vincent Guntlow, a professional civil engineer who is registered in five states. The firm is a multidisciplinary design consulting firm in Williamstown, Massachusetts and offers services that include civil and environmental engineering along with property and topographic survey, landscape architecture, wetland consulting and architecture. A mid-sized firm, that takes great pride in its direct, hands-on involvement in all projects. All work is directly reviewed, by the owner/principal, with the utmost attention paid to quality and the best interests of its clients. A great reputation with clients, contractors and permitting agencies is what makes G&A so successful.

In the most recent years Guntlow & Associates had been involved in many projects incorporating renewable energy and green design features. With both increasingly requested and a desired aspect of building requirements the business began to expand and sought to take a comprehensive approach. There wasn’t a company in the area that had that knowledge and ability. To that end, June 25th 2009,  New England Solar & Green Inc. (NES+G) was formed. A company that not only could design but build each project.

Local. Turnkey. Professional. This company focuses on renewable energy and is able to complete all the phases of a project: planning, design, implementation, and execution. This holistic approach to each project saves time and reduces costs. New England Solar & Green Solutions engineers have the ability to analytically and economically provide solutions to meet various projects constraints. Whether it is solar photovoltaics to generate electricity, solar thermal for domestic hot water or other renewable energy systems, New England Solar & Green Solutions implements the latest design techniques and green energy technologies. Our services allow our customer to reduce their demand for on the utility and fossil fuels, along with financial security. We look forward to working with our local community, Western Massachusetts and the surrounding area.

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