Solar PV

What are Photovoltaics?spvp

This is the production of a small amount of electrical power through solar cells. Constructed of light sensitive materials these cells allow the solar energy to appreciate by the addition of more cells arranged and grouped together to form a module. The modules are then assembled in series and strings to create the solar array.

How does this benefit me?

The benefits of investing in photovoltaic systems are many. The first and most important is that it will save you money! Simply put, this long term investment will cut a portion of your utility bill if not all of it. New England Solar & Green Solutions will help you weigh your options given your budget and energy production goals. The complete payback on systems for your home can be as short at 3 years! With over 50% of the total system cost saved after the first year!

Not only does this type of renewable energy source benefit you financially but it prevents the harmful environmental impacts that most other sources of power would cause. The average annual CO2 emissions are approximately 14,796 pounds per household, based on a typical usage of 900 kWh per month. Changing your method of energy production to a solar array will help prevent damage to the earth and reduce your buildings contribution to climate change.

Solar Power Solutions

New England Solar & Green Solutions strives to provide clean sources of green power to local home and business owners. With over 25 years of long-established experience we couldn’t be more invested in the community. We use the latest technology from the world’s top product manufactures to deliver great solar power installations that will run for decade’s problem free.


Why Go Solar?

Through Federal and State level incentives solar has never been more affordable. The result has our clients owning 100% of their solar array with thousands of dollars in annual savings. We take pride in seeing a client’s zero balance on monthly electric bills.

 “I get so excited to see my electric bill now! It’s amazing to see a zero dollar balance each month.”

Ann R. West Stockbridge, MA


Your choice to go solar helps support our business and its employees. We intern reinvest in other local business’ keeping investment in the local economy and growing local revenues.

 ”I’m very satisfied with my install. I’m glad I went with a local vendor.”

Ben G. Williamstown, MA


Solar electrical generation significantly reduces the size of your carbon footprint. This sustainable green energy provides a small but personal influence on climate change and dependency on foreign oil.

 “Just made my first Megawatt!”

Mike P. Savoy, MA